Candace Evans - Director Choreographer
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Leonard Bernstein
Indiana University (2012)

Conductor: Kevin Noe
Director/Choreographer: Candace Evans
Cast: Joseph Mace, Sean McCarther, Will Perkins, Michael Porter, Katelyn Lee, Shannon Love, Joseph Legaspi, Brayton Arvin, Ashley Stone, Laura Thoreson, Kellie Cullinan, Audrey Escots, Corey Bonar and Andrew Morstein
Designers/Production Team: C.David Higgins (Set), Todd Hensley (Lights), Sylvia McNair (Diction) Susan Swaney (Chorus Master)


"Candide" Radio interview with Candace Evans on WFIU Arts, Indiana Public Media

Listen to the interview here or here

Radio interview with Candace EvansEnjoy this radio interview with Candace Evans on WFIU Arts, Indiana Public Media:

The IU Opera Theater presents Leonard Bernstein’s opera about that eternally innocent optimist Candide. The guest director is actor, singer, dancer and stage director Candace Evans. When we talked on a lovely spring day, Evans commented on the weather and the beauty of the IU campus with a quip based on the philosophy parodies in opera, “It’s the best of all possible campuses.”